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moger.ged This tree contains the English descendants of John Moger, of Cucklington, Somerset, England, through 2 generations. The name Moger was later changed to Mosher or Moshier. The most notable descendants are the two Hugh Mosher's that emigrated to the USA. One was known as "Hugh Mosher of Casco Bay, Maine." His father is often listed (in other genealogies) as John Moger/Mosher, but this is incorrect. His real father was Hugh Moger (who was the son of John Moger). The error can be traced to the second edition of "Descendants of Hugh Mosher and Rebecca Maxson Through Seven Generations," which contained this typo (on page viii). The "Errata and Addenda" lists the correction. The other Hugh Mosher is known as "Hugh Mosher of Portsmouth, Rhode Island," or "Hugh Mosher of Dartmouth, Massachusetts," or even "Hugh Mosher of Tiverton, Rhode Island." This is the Hugh Mosher that signed the first land deed of Westerly, Rhode Island on 29 June 1660. This Hugh's father was Nicholas Moger (son of John Moger). Note that another error in the "Descendants of Hugh Mosher" book (on page 1) lists Nicholas's father as Hugh Moger; again, the "Errata and Addenda" lists the correction: Nicholas's father was John Moger.
mosher_cousins.ged This tree contains most of the descendants of William D. Mosher of Madison, NY. It only has peoples names, no information. It is just to help me keep my Mosher cousins straight.
PazminoLopez.ged This tree contains genealogy on the Pazmiño family of Quito, Ecuador. Also these related families: Auz, López, Hurtado, Zambrano.
RichardsReeves.ged This genealogy contains the pedigree of Michelle (Richards) Mosher, wife of Chris Mosher, ancestors in the USA. Includes Richards, Reeves, Smith (of Dover, NH, & Alfred, ME), Belt, and other families.
RomeroGarcia.ged This tree contains the ancestors of Francisca Romero in Ecuador and Spain, including Gabriel García Moreno, President of Ecuador.