Flandreau Cemetery

Chester Place, New Rochelle, Westchester County, New York, USA

This is a list of people burried at the cemetery, based on several different sources, including a DAR-compiled list, Florence Bennett, Mr. Spies, Peter Gunn, and Christopher A. Mosher.

The photographs and transcriptions were made by Christopher A. Mosher from a visit to the cemetery in 2001.

OrderSurname (maiden)Married NameFirst NameMiddle Namemale/femalebirthdeathGravestoneTranscription
1.Flandreau   Benjamin  male1718-09-041800-02-19
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Memory of
who departed this life
Febry. 19th, 1800
Aged 81 Years 5 months
and 15 days.
Exult my Soul with Joys that flow
From GOD,s Almighty hand.
Whilst here my m[oulding body] lies
To rise at his command.
2.Flandreau   Benjamin  male1803-10-131805-08-20
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[m]emory of
[who dep]arted this life
[Aug 27]th 1807 aged 45
[years 2 mont]hs & 10 days.
[Also of his] son
[who departed th]is life
[Aug 20th 1805 age]d 1
[year 10 months & 7 da]ys
3.Flandreau   Benjamin  male1762-06-171807-08-27
4.Mullineaux  Joseph  male1724-09-151807-10-28
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Memory of
Joseph Mullinex
Hoo Departed This
Life october the 28 day
1807 AGeb 83 years
1 month 13 days.
5.Flandreau   John  male1771-04-021809-01-27  
6.Badeau FlandreauEsther  female1730-??-??1811-05-08  
7.Flandreau   Amelia  female1811-??-??1811-08-08  
8.[unknown]   Phoebe  female1794-??-??1812-02-11  
9.Badeau   John  male1741-??-??1815-12-11  
10.[unknown] Badeau Susan  female1750-??-??1817-12-08  
11.[unknown] FlandreauElizabeth female1771-??-??1822-08-15  
12.Russel   Sarah Ester female1815-??-??1829-10-16
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daughter of Laban
& Sarah Russel,
departed this life
Oct. 16. 1829,
in her 15. year.
Ah: lovely appearance of death,
What sight upon earth is so fair.
13.Flandreau StillwellEsther  female1757-??-??1832-04-26  
14.[unknown] FlandreauAnn Eliza female1810-12-091835-03-04  
15.Flandreau   Benjamin Badeaumale1835-02-131835-03-25  
16.Seacord   John W. male1797-05-281838-07-10  
17.Flandreau Seacord Magdelene female1759-09-291840-01-30
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memory of
wife of
Daniel Seacord,
who died
Jan. 30, 1840,
aged 80 y'rs 4 mo,
& 1 day.
18.Seacord   James A. male1837-05-131842-10-13
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memory of
son of
Leonard & Maria
who died
Oct. 13, 1842.
aged 5 Years and
5 Mos.
19.Seacord   Daniel  male1759-03-131843-06-13  
20.Flandreau   Benjamin  male1810-02-221844-11-21
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memory of
Benjamin Flandreau
Born Feb. 22, 1810.
Died Nov. 21, 1844.
Affliction sore long time I bore
Phycians were in vain
Till God alone did hear my moan
And eased me of my pain.
21.[unknown] FlandreauCatherineIrene female1805-09-151845-10-08  
22.Harsen   Elisha  male1841-04-051864-08-05  
23.Flandreau   Theodore S. male1844-07-051866-11-21  
24.[unknown] FlandreauSusan  female1800-08-241868-11-05  
25.[unknown] FlandreauIsabella  female1810-??-??1892-11-19  
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[???I suffer out my threescore years???]
[???Till my de]liverer co[me]
[???And wipe awa]y his servant's [tears]
[???And take his] exile home.