Frolicky Fables

by VEP

Illustrated by Wesley Morse

datetitlestripfile size (megabytes)image size (pixels)
1925-11-23Pavement Papa 7.0 MB6146x1869
1925-11-24Dough Dream, The 6.9 MB6162x1861
1925-11-25Double-Digger, The 7.5 MB6138x1861
1925-11-26Sweety Shifters, The 6.6 MB6154x1821
1925-11-27Silly Search, The 6.8 MB6178x1901
1925-11-28Cutie Cave Baby, The 6.6 MB6146x1893
1925-11-30Cinema Cynic, The 7.2 MB6114x1837
1925-12-01Two Dates That Died 6.9 MB6130x1845
1925-12-02Business Beau, The 7.1 MB6122x1837
1925-12-03Alomst Affair, The 6.8 MB6090x1853
1925-12-04Physical Culture Pal, The 6.6 MB6082x1789
1925-12-05First Date Fiasco, The 6.8 MB6138x1845
1925-12-07Social Slush, The 6.5 MB6082x1805
1925-12-08Thrifty Tea-Drinkers, The 6.6 MB6106x1853
1925-12-09Balcony Blues, The 6.3 MB6146x1813
1925-12-10Bashful Bob, The 6.9 MB6106x1893
1925-12-11"Me-First Mama," The 6.6 MB6130x1853
1925-12-12Job-Jumper Jams, The 6.7 MB6130x1893
1925-12-14Fairy Tale Friend, The 7.1 MB6185x1901
1925-12-15Bluffing Blues, The 6.8 MB6074x1885
1925-12-16Punctured Pal, The 6.9 MB6098x1925
1925-12-17Cold, Cold, Cora 6.7 MB6082x1893
1925-12-18Guy Grabber, The 6.9 MB6090x1893
1925-12-19Telephone Tragedy, The 6.5 MB6106x1925
1925-12-21Mad Moustache, The 6.6 MB6122x1901
1925-12-22Suspicious Sweetie, The 6.5 MB6066x1861
1925-12-23Babble-Talk Baby, The 6.5 MB6098x1917
1925-12-24Pay-Day Pal, The 6.8 MB6066x1901
1925-12-25People's Party, The 6.7 MB6090x1877
1925-12-26Disappearing Dollars, The 6.3 MB6058x1869
1925-12-28Lunch Letter, The 6.2 MB6090x1933
1925-12-29Gilded Guy-Bouncer, The 6.6 MB6138x1917
1925-12-30Movie Mushers, The 5.8 MB6146x1925
1925-12-31Missing Miss, The 6.6 MB6138x1893
1926-01-01Tag-Along Twin, The 5.7 MB6146x1901
1926-01-02Fifty-Fifty Frock, The 6.7 MB6130x1885
1926-01-04First-Date Flusher, The 6.2 MB6138x1853
1926-01-05Tear Test, The 6.5 MB6098x1869
1926-01-06Window Wavers, The 6.4 MB6098x1909
1926-01-07Fur Coat Fizzle, The 6.2 MB6130x1917
1926-01-08Bye-Bye Boy Friend, The 6.4 MB6106x1957
1926-01-09Photographic Present, The 6.6 MB6122x1893
1926-01-11Radiator Resort, The 6.4 MB6098x1901
1926-01-12Vision Vow, The 6.4 MB6106x1861
1926-01-13Paying Papa, The 5.9 MB6146x1925
1926-01-14Musical Mushers, The 6.2 MB6146x1988
1926-01-15Promising Patter, The 6.4 MB6138x1925
1926-01-16Varnished Vamp, The 5.9 MB6114x1917
1926-01-18Engaged Egoist, The 6.6 MB6106x1885
1926-01-19Merry-Go-Round Mama, The 6.7 MB6130x1877
1926-01-20Double Dater, The 6.6 MB6098x1893
1926-01-21Mushy Missive, The 6.4 MB6098x1861
1926-01-22Goo-Goo Girl, The 6.3 MB6098x1917
1926-01-23Bow-Wow Baby, The 6.2 MB6066x1933
1926-01-25Balloony Boy Friend, The 6.0 MB6146x1925
1926-01-26Vestibule Victims, The 6.2 MB6114x1933
1926-01-27Vanity Case Vision, The 6.6 MB6114x1869
1926-01-28Reader's Razz, The 6.1 MB6058x1925
1926-01-29Postal Proposal, The 6.5 MB6090x1893
1926-01-30Taxi-Turvy Trips, The 6.3 MB6138x1949
1926-02-01Permanent Pennies, The 6.1 MB6146x1877
1926-02-02Damaged Drink, The 6.7 MB6138x1909
1926-02-03Dancing Dummy, The 6.5 MB6098x1901
1926-02-04Red-Hot Reputation, The 6.4 MB6074x1901
1926-02-05Tardy Tragedy, The 6.2 MB6106x1933
1926-02-06Pretty Poacher, The 6.4 MB6106x1965
1926-02-08Disappearing Dates, The 6.7 MB6066x1973
1926-02-09Broadminded Baloney, The 6.5 MB6090x1909
1926-02-10Vacant Vamp, The 6.7 MB6090x1901
1926-02-11Babble Believer, The 6.7 MB6058x1877
1926-02-12Sidewalk Sage, The 6.6 MB6082x1941
1926-02-13Valentine Victim, The 6.4 MB6074x1909
1926-02-15Bouncing Blah, The 6.5 MB6122x1973
1926-02-16Omitted Outing, The 6.4 MB6138x1885
1926-02-17Bobbed-Hair Blues, The 5.8 MB6146x1925
1926-02-18Welcome-Worm, The 6.3 MB6130x1917
1926-02-19Sweet Swipers, The 6.6 MB6122x1901
1926-02-22Cracked Cranium, The 6.5 MB6090x1949
1926-02-23Parlor Prattler, The 6.3 MB6130x1933
1926-02-24Early Employment, The 6.3 MB6106x1901
1926-02-25Two-Time Tragedy, The 6.7 MB6138x1901
1926-02-26Late-Hour Loungers, The 6.6 MB6138x1837
1926-02-27Dumb Date, The 6.7 MB6130x1933
1926-03-01Fireside Fiasco, The 6.7 MB6074x1829
1926-03-02Shorthand Sobs, The 6.4 MB6098x1877
1926-03-03Mushy Mistake, The 6.6 MB6090x1877
1926-03-04Boy Friend Blues, The 6.4 MB6114x1925
1926-03-05Bye-Bye Bounce, The 6.2 MB6098x1933
1926-03-06Goofy Gift, The 6.4 MB6090x1861
1926-03-08Cake Consumers, The 6.4 MB6130x1925
1926-03-09Fatal Females, The 6.2 MB6138x1917
1926-03-10Big-Time Boob, The 6.8 MB6122x1901
1926-03-11Wire Warbler, The 6.6 MB6154x1893
1926-03-12Slot-Machine Sweety, The 6.5 MB6154x1901
1926-03-13Boomerang Bounce, The 7.1 MB6114x1893
1926-03-15Sweet Slumberers, The 6.5 MB6146x1941
1926-03-16Assorted Advice, The 6.5 MB6146x1877
1926-03-17Wise-Cracking Willies, The 6.6 MB6154x1909
1926-03-18Trusting Tommy, The 6.5 MB6146x1901
1926-03-19Rainy-Day Revels, The 6.9 MB6170x1901
1926-03-20Tick-Tock Tragedy, The 7.0 MB6130x1941
1926-03-22Lingering Lingo, The 7.0 MB6162x1893
1926-03-23Rusty Romeo, The 7.4 MB6170x1980
1926-03-24Dreadnought Daddy, The 7.7 MB6114x1933